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October 2015 Monthly Archives

Sun Patriot 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards

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Waconia Sun Patriot brought us our newest awards this week! Norwood Dental was voted BEST Dental office in Carver Country and Dr. Ross was voted BEST Dentist in Carver County. Thank you to everyone that voted for Norwood Dental and Dr. Ross. We are so honored you all think so highly of us. We couldn’t […]


Factors in Causing Tooth Discoloration

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No one is born with perfectly white teeth. In fact, the exact shade of our teeth is determined by our genetics, and some people’s teeth are naturally a little bit darker. Plus, as we age, the shade of our teeth becomes duller. Unfortunately, many people suffer from tooth discoloration, a condition that distorts the natural […]


The Benefits and Risks of Using Mouthwash

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At a young age, people were told to regularly brush our teeth to prevent tooth decay. Adults also prevent kids from having too much candy to avoid toothaches. It is true that we need to take regular care of our teeth and gums to prevent diseases such as tooth infection, bad breath, and gingivitis. Dentists […]