To begin with, your dentist genuinely wants you to know that he/she is not scary with unnerving equipment, but your friend who wants to help you maintain your oral health. As you go along, they also wish you knew that:

5 Things Your Dentist Should be telling you | Best Dentist | Norwood Dental

  1. If you do not take steps to ensure your teeth and gums’ health, you could be jeopardizing your overall health too. There is a link between oral health and heart, brain and cardiovascular health. Sure, tooth problems cause pain and discomfort, but losing any teeth function makes using the mouth and eating much more difficult.
  2. X-rays do not cause cancer. What many patients assume and worry about these days is that dental x-rays can become a cause of cancer. However, you are more exposed to radiation standing outside for about thirty minutes than you are from getting a full set of dental x-rays. What is more alarming is the fact that missing a dental x-ray could mean missing out on something serious.
  3. They won’t tell you your breath is bad unless you ask.
  4. Use xylitol (an alternative for sugar found in chewing gum) to minimize the bad bacteria overrunning your mouth. The reason being the change of chemistry, and starvation of harmful organisms that come along with the presence of xylitol. Six to seven xylitol gum pieces every day will help you keep tooth decay and cavities at bay.
  5. With any kind of piercing comes a huge risk of infection if not done in a thoroughly sterile environment. Sometimes, the situation exacerbates to a point that the removal of the whole tongue becomes necessary. Even those who are lucky to avoid the rampant infection sometimes end up with chipped front teeth, hence it is best to avoid piercings altogether.

So, now you know what your dentist wants to tell you. Pay heed and you will be able to maintain your oral health!