The smile can captivate millions and even could make a big difference in your life. The different professions may depend on the power of a smile to be able to get a positive answer from a client.  Looking into the different professions, you will be able to see how a sparkly white smile could give you the edge and propel you to the position that you have been working so hard for.  Take for example a salesperson; it would be more engaging with clients to be able to speak to someone with white sparkly teeth and sometimes captivating them into agreeing to buy your product.  This is a stark comparison to someone who may be in the same line of the job but has poor oral hygiene and the discoloration of teeth is very evident.  This could lose your clients thinking that you are not aesthetically presentable and thus would reflect the product that you are selling.  To be able to have this sparkly smile that you wanted there are ways on how to do it.

6 Ways to Make your Smile Sparkle | Norwood Dental - Best dentistry near me

It is not easy to maintain that great white smile but to be able to attain something you have to constantly strive to work for it. Thus, this is a list of the 6 different ways that you are able to maintain that captivating sparkly smile.

The Steps to Sparkly smile:

Rinse mouth after eating

You sometimes get excited when an officemate or a friend invites you to dine out that you don’t know if the food that you’re eating may cause teeth discoloration.  At this point, you don’t have your handy toothbrush by your side.  The most important thing to do is to rinse it with water.  This would remove immediately food residue that may be a breeding ground for bacteria.


It is not enough that you brush your teeth. True enough brushing after meals keeps your mouth clean and helps maintain good oral hygiene.  One thing that you may have missed is that not all particles of food were removed through tooth brushing, thus it is important that you constantly floss.  This removes the food particles that may have stuck in between teeth.

6 Ways to Make your Smile Sparkle | Norwood Dental - Best dentist in MN

Be aware of your food intake

This is not to ensure that you don’t gain that extra pound, but to ensure that you stay clear of the food that may cause teeth discoloration.  These are the sodas and caffeine that causes teeth staining.  With continuous intake, you may not notice it, but your pearly whites are not so sparkling anymore.

Load up on Vitamins

These are not there to protect you from being sick but to provide and replenish the lost minerals of your teeth because of the different enzymes and chemical breakdown that happens in your mouth during food digestion.

Quit smoking

This is the major culprit that causes teeth to discolor. The nicotine that is addicting is the same thing that is causing the discoloration and the ugly color that you could see when you look in the mirror.

Follow the dentist’s advice

Regular visits to the dentist will be able to provide you with the different remedies to maintain the sparkly white teeth that you have.  May it be through bleaching or home remedy, it is best that it is through the advice of a professional before you take any measures on your own.