Best Pediatric Dentist

Your child’s baby teeth are just as important as their permanent teeth. For this reason, it is essential to take care of their oral health by helping them keep their teeth clean & for that, you must regularly visit the pediatric dentist. Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child is essential to ensure that their first dental experience is a pleasant and memorable one.


When Should I Start Taking My Child to the Dentist?


According to the American Dental Association, your child’s first visit to the pediatric dentist should ideally be sometime around 6-8 months. This is when their first baby tooth appears, which is the lower central incisor. It is recommended that your child’s first visit should not be delayed beyond 6 months to 1 year after the eruption of their first tooth.


What to Look for in a Pediatric Dentist?


Pediatric dentists undergo extra years of training to specialize in children’s dentistry. This qualifies them to become experts in dealing with the dental needs of young children and infants. Make sure the dentist you choose has the proper training and certifications.   

Before deciding on a pediatric dentist for your child, ask recommendations from other parents among your family and friends. Lookup for online reviews of the dental practices you have narrowed down before choosing one for your child. The right dental office for your children is the one in which they feel comfortable and welcomed by a warm, friendly staff.


What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit?


A child’s first appointment with their pediatric dentist is more of a ‘meet and greet’ rather than a dental appointment. An infant may not remember much of this visit, but for a toddler who is older and more aware of his surroundings, this visit can play a significant role in determining their future interactions with the dentist. Introducing kids to their pediatric dentist at an early age helps in alleviating any dental anxiety they may have. Your child gets to know the dental staff and familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. 


During this visit, the dentist might perform oral examinations on your child, which include a thorough check-up of the teeth, gums, and all oral tissues. If the child is very young, the dentist might ask the parent to sit in the chair and hold their child while they are being examined. The dentist might also perform a gentle cleaning procedure if it is required. There is usually no need for diagnostic tests like X-rays, unless the dentist notices any sign of decay, especially on permanent teeth. X-rays may also be advised if your child has crossed a certain age and has no teeth yet. 


One of the most important aspects of a visit to the pediatric dentist is the parent and patient education on oral health. The dentist will guide you with the right ways to clean your child’s mouth while educating your child about the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene and keeping their teeth healthy. Moreover, the dental staff at a children’s clinic are trained to offer the very best of oral care and advice in a fun and friendly environment. This allows the child to relax and feel comfortable with the care providers and pay more attention to the instructions they are given about oral health.