Our smiles have been built to last. With a simple smile, everything can change. According to the study, white and evenly spaced teeth make people not only attractive but is also a sign of good health. Healthy teeth are very important to your self-image and health. As a matter of fact, tooth enamel, which is the outer surface of our teeth is the hardest substance in the human body, can withstand the wear and tear of the environment.

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The Downfall

In this world full of external factors, we are enticed with unhealthy foods and unhealthy habits. We are exposing our teeth to a variety of bad habits. We do not realize how risky these activities are until you caught yourself having cracked teeth. Dealing with this kind of problem can be challenging. Of course, you can’t attend meetings or go to malls, or see your friends this weekend.  In short, you are more likely to cancel your activities because of this embarrassing condition.

A Closer Look at the Causes

  • Trauma to Teeth: An isolated incident such as an accident resulting in trauma to the teeth, biting to an olive bone or pit, may also result in cracks. Even though any tooth can be affected by a crack, the most common to fracture are mandibular molars.
  • Heavily extensive decay or restored teeth: These can also be the subject to crack. According to the study, many physical, iatrogenic, and morphologic factors like deep grooves, poor cavity preparation, and design, improper selection of restorative materials, and pronounced intraoral temperature fluctuation influence posterior teeth to an incomplete fracture.
  • Teeth Grinding and Clenching: A very common cause of misalignment or cracked teeth. One contributing factor of teeth grinding is the mental problems and stress. When you are stressed, your body will release tension even when you are sleeping. Some people may even snore.

Causes of Cracked Teeth - Best Dentist in MN | Norwood Dental

  • Don’t Chew Hard Objects. Your teeth are made up of dentin and enamel. According to the study, when you chew ice, pens, or unpopped popcorn kernels, you are putting heavy pressure on your teeth, and therefore you are at risk of wearing down the enamel, which would lead to chips or cracks. When the dentin is exposed, and your enamel is chipped, you may experience tooth sensitivity.
  • Gum Diseases. One of the most common gum diseases is the periodontal diseases, which is the inflammation of the gums that gradually destroys your natural teeth. As the condition progresses, the supporting tissue of the gum and the bone that holds the teeth may deteriorate. If it is left untreated, it may lead to a cracked tooth or loss.
  • Large fillings and Cavities. When you have large fillings in your teeth, fill that up because it can weaken your tooth causing it to crack.
  • Lack of Oral Hygiene.

How Do I Know If My Tooth Is Cracked?

When you have cracked teeth, the first symptom you will experience is an erratic pain when biting, and chewing. You may also experience this kind of pain when your tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures. In most cases, the pain you experience may come and go. So, your dentist will take more time locating the exact location of the tooth that causes you discomfort. Cracks on teeth are quite small. There are 2 types of cracks. The first one is where your tooth resides, and this is very painful, the other one is an enamel line fracture, which looks like a crack, but it does not hurt because it is only located in the outer layer, the enamel.

Why Does A Cracked Tooth Hurt?

To understand why it hurts, try to understand the anatomy of the tooth. Inside your tooth, there is a hard layer dentin, which is under the white enamel. There is also a pulp, which is the inner soft tissue, which contains the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth.

Causes of Cracked Teeth - Dentist in MN | Norwood Dental

What You Can Do?

When a crack increases, the symptoms intensify. If the crack is at the root, you will experience intense pain, and you are at risk of infection. Therefore, early detection is necessary,  because it is easier and simpler to repair it. Just like other diseases, treatments are always based on proper diagnosis. To prevent further damage, cracked teeth should be repaired as soon as possible. In line with this, you need to see your dentist to treat the defect.

Our teeth are the crowning glory of your smiles. It greatly affects our self-esteem and our relationship with other people. Know the different causes of cracked teeth, and avoid them as much as possible.

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