One of the most frequently asked questions to dentists remains “is a chipped tooth really that big a deal?” Typically, the answer lies in the intensity of the damage. However, it is still a thing to be concerned about since you just lost valuable tooth structure and possibly opened the door to additional cracks and chips. If the chip is closer to the nerve containing pulp, you may have a big problem.

Is Chipped Tooth A Serious Ailment? | Cosmetic Dentistry, dental implant | Norwood Dental, MN

To answer the question, most of the time a chipped tooth can cause minimal damage. In this case, you need to see a dentist without delay to smoothen the tooth by filing it in shape. Minimal damage does not mean it can go away without treatment, and your dentist will handle the problem depending on the degree of the damage. Some rare instances of minimal damage may go without treatment, but extra careful dentists still handle the chipped tooth with bonding composite or porcelain veneers.

If you have a badly fractured tooth, you can experience severe pain when consuming foods and drinks and will require a crown. The crown is a cap that completely canopies your tooth and protects it from further damage while giving it an improved appearance. In case of serious breaks, your nerve may get exposed causing intense pain, sensitivity, and bleeding. Such breaks will require a root canal to cover the nerve and a cap to restore the tooth’s normal function in eating and chewing properly.

Is Chipped Tooth A Serious Ailment? | Cosmetic Dentistry | Norwood Dental, MN

Another severe form of tooth chipping is a split tooth where the tooth has split vertically into two parts. For this, you will first need a root canal, followed by removal of any unnecessary roots and lastly the placement of a crown to restore the tooth’s function.

A chipped tooth is not that serious an ailment if the damage is minimal. However, in the absence of proper treatment, the damage can intensify.