Soda, also called soft drinks, is a beverage that contains sugar or sweeteners, flavoring, and carbonated water. It is best to serve cold. Soda is a popular drink among Americans and other nationalities. Wherever a restaurant or fast food store you go, soda is always on the menu. The flavoring and the sweeteners can be very addictive. Too much of anything is not good. But there are lots of people so addicted to drinking soda.

Diet Soda Habit As Bad For Teeth as Meth Addiction | Norwood Dental - best dentist

Why is soda so addictive?

The sweeteners and flavoring are addicting but one ingredient that is in a soda that is addictive enough is caffeine. Caffeine is highly addictive because it is a stimulant to the nervous system allowing your body to be highly active and awake. Sugar gives the same effect to the bloodstream. That is why drinking soda before bed is not a good idea because it will make you awake and active the whole night.

Soda: Its Side Effects

Being addicted to soda, like any other, has its side effects. Here are some of the effects.

  • Makes you fat
  • Can cause cancer
  • Makes your skin dry or dehydrated
  • Brittle bones
  • Weight gain
  • Hormonal issue
  • Brittle and rotting teeth

Most people tend to drink more and more soda now a day. This is due to the advertising campaign and the tastes it gives your taste buds. Soda consists of acid and sugar that stays or sticks on the teeth making it rot slowly. Most people tend to drink soda not realizing the effects it does to their body. Drinking too much soda can definitely destroy your teeth. The study shows that drinking soda often ruins the enamel of your teeth. It makes your teeth brittle and adds too much cavity.

Diet Soda Habit As Bad For Teeth as Meth Addiction | Norwood Dental, MN

There was a study done that shows the difference of how the teeth of a soda addict and the teeth of a meth addict look like and it does not look any different from each other. A meth addict’s mouth has tooth decays and cavities this is because of the drug. They are not just similar to the teeth but also with their breath. Since the teeth are decayed it is more likely that the gums are decayed as well. There are bacteria all over the mouth giving it the bad smell and because of this people suffering from soda teeth have less self-confidence. They tend to push themselves away from people because no matter how many times they brush their teeth and tongue, the bad smell is still there.

Overall, drinking soda is not bad, too much soda is just fine but being addicted to soda is definitely not good. It gives a person a different disease in the long run, like weight gain, cancer, and bad teeth. Soda addicts have teeth that are so similar to the teeth of a meth addict. So, to prevent this to happen to your teeth, be sure to brush your teeth regularly and rinse your mouth after drinking soda.