Water is an important element to ensure your body performs to its maximum potential. According to studies, it has been shown the human body is 60% composed of water. This means the more water you drink, the better your body will function. Insufficient amount of water affects overall health as well as your oral health. So, there are some reasons why you should drink more water:

Natural Toothbrush:

Water serves as a natural toothbrush. Drinking more water throughout the day will wash away all the impurities. This will help you keep a healthy mouth and will lower your burden of cleaning it repeatedly. But, it would be much better if you brush your teeth twice and floss once daily. You cannot skip brushing and flossing.

Amount of Water for Your Dental Health- Best Dentistry | Norwood Dental, MN

Stronger Teeth:

Mostly, there is fluoride in water. Increased water intake will increase the amount of fluoride in your body, which would make your immune system strong. Fluoride helps your body to stay away from tooth decay.

Prevents Staining:

Food and drinks both have ingredients which contribute to staining your teeth. Water helps you in washing them away immediately and keeps the surface of the tooth clean. If these stains are not washed away, they may get permanent. This will affect your beautiful smile affecting your quality of life.

Amount of Water for Your Dental Health- Family Dentistry | Norwood Dental, MN


Increased Saliva:

Saliva is an important defense against tooth decay. The more water you drink, the more saliva your mouth will produce. This also washes away the harmful acids inside the mouth. Water will never keep your mouth moist, which ensures your saliva keeps circulating.


The bottom line is that water plays an important role in strong oral health. It is recommended to drink sufficient amount of water everyday i.e. around 12 glasses a day. Water also helps in fighting off other diseases in your body. You should also discuss proper hydration with your dentist to get the best results.