Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.  They offer a long-term solution that is aesthetically pleasing. Dental implants are made of titanium and are embedded in the roots or missing teeth. This makes them durable and reliable. If you take good care of your dental implants, they will last you a lifetime.

A dental implant is a surgery, and like all surgeries, you need some aftercare to improve the chances of success and speed up the process of recovery. To give your new teeth some time to grow strong, it is important to eat the right foods after your dental implant surgery.  Make sure to avoid the following foods after getting dental implants.

Be Wary Of Solids

It is important to stay hydrated and nourished after your surgery. Do not skip meals, however, eat soft and easy-to-chew foods. For the first couple of days, it may be better to stick to pureed foods, like soups, yogurt and ice cream. Soft fruits like bananas, peaches, and melons are also good choices.

Avoid Hot Food

Extremely hot liquids like coffee or hot chocolate can hinder the progress of your surgery. Make sure the food you eat is temperate and cannot cause inflammation to the surgical site.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking cigarettes right after your dental implant may delay the healing process. Smoking increases the chances of infection and slows down the bonding of implant with the bone in the root of your tooth. So, stay away from cigarettes.

Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

It is advisable to avoid alcohol at least for the first couple of days after your surgery. Alcohol does not allow the blood clot to develop at the site of surgery, slowing down your recovery process. The antibiotics and analgesics prescribed by the dentist do not mix well with alcohol. Therefore, it is better to stay away from all alcoholic beverages.

Stay Away From Straws

It is better to have liquid foods when you are recuperating, however, using straws right after your surgery may be harmful. The vacuum you create in your mouth to suck your food through a straw, puts a lot of strain on your implant slowing down the healing.

Do Not Let Food Get Stuck

Stay away from foods like popcorn, rice, nuts, apples etc. They can get stuck between your teeth, resulting in pain and inflammation. Soft bread, baked and mashed potatoes are better suited to someone recovering from dental surgery.

Avoid these foods after your dental implant and ensure a quick recovery.