The Holiday season is here along with all the great food and sweets that can compromise our dental health. No matter what you celebrate this time of year be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Yule.

1. Stay clear of soda – With all the gatherings, and parties during the holidays it is easy to drink more than your share of soda. Soda is never good for your teeth.  Soda is full of sugar, and even if you opt for diet or sugar-free, they are not much better for your teeth either. If you really want to have something that is fizzy, try carbonated water instead.

Holiday Dental Tips | Best Family Dentist near me | Norwood Dental, MN

2. Watch the wine – If you like red wine, be mindful of how this can stain your teeth. White wine is less of a risk to your teeth. If you do opt for red wine, drink it with food to help mitigate how much of it gets on your teeth. Also, make sure you brush your teeth afterward if you do.

3. Watch out for Candy Canes – Hard candy is always readily available during the holidays from candy canes to peppermints. But if you are not careful they can crack your teeth. It is best to make sure you let the candy dissolve vice cracking it with your teeth. If not you might be making a painful trip to see the dentist.

4. Veggies – Pile on the veggies. Many times people look for the cookie or brownie plates. Instead, you should look for the veggie trays. Broccoli and carrots are great treats for your teeth because they are loaded with Vitamin A which strengthens your enamel.

Holiday Dental Tips | Family Dentistry near me | Norwood Dental, MN

5. Don’t use your teeth as a tool – The holidays come with packages to open, tape to apply to presents and loads of other things you may be tempted to break open or cut with your teeth. Don’t do it!! Use the proper tools! Whether it is scissors, knife or nutcracker.

This is just a few tips you should follow during the holidays and any other part of the year. If you have any questions please reach out.