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Stiftungsfest History

The following is taken from a local publication on the History of Young America that gives a history of Stiftungsfest and how it was started :

Karl Bachmann, the grandfather of Eda Shelby living in this community, loved to sing and was gifted with a beautiful tenor voice. Karl also had a dream in which he was leading a group of men singing songs from that era. Most of the songs were sung in German because all had a very German background. Then he awoke, but the dream gave him an idea. The following day he gathered together the best male singers in the community and men willing to put in hours of practice, and that night they gathered at his home for their first practice. That night in 1861 in Benton, Carver County, the “Pioneer Maennerchor” was born.

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The first members were: Karl Bachmann who was chosen a president, Heinrich Bachmann, Adolph Hofmann, A. Schrimpf, H. Verufen and Henry Hosterman. During the following years, numbers came and went. By 1911 not many members were left. Most had died and the remaining members discontinued singing except at Stiftungsfest when two would burst into song at the park.

Source: (http://www.stiftungsfest.org/history.html)