Bad breath and personal relationships are like water and oil: they don’t mix. Whether that is a friend, a partner or a family member, bad breath is no joke. With ruined relationships come mental frustration, emotional vulnerability, and lost self-confidence.

How bad breath affects relationships:

  • Avoidance
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Lost self-esteem

Mental & Emotional Health Hazards of Bad Breath | Norwood Dental, MN - The best Dentistry

Because bad breath is so unpleasant, people tend to develop a negative attitude towards those suffering from the condition. It may even be a key factor in social communication and therefore brings along different emotional and mental perils. When people try their best to keep their distance from you or erupt in whispers when you are around, you are sure to not feel so good about yourself. Popping breath mints one after and another and hoping no one speaks to you is quite emotionally frustrating as you see your social life slip away slowly.

Some people with bad breath choose to never go out which in turn affects their physical and mental wellbeing. Sufferers cut themselves off from not only their personal life but also their work life. Communicating and networking with your employers is an important part of your career path and those with bad breath try to avoid these interactions at all cost, restricting their professional growth.

Mental & Emotional Health Hazards of Bad Breath | Norwood Dental, MN - The best Dentist

A survey involving participants showed that around 34% of them were hesitant about the idea of speaking with each other while the other 12.6% avoided others completely. This shows how bad breath is a big social issue as it causes embarrassment and results in social barriers between the sufferers and their friends, loved ones, colleagues and relatives. All this adds up to social anxiety, which translates into mental and emotional hazards.

Hence, you should consider visiting your dentist the moment you discover you have bad breath.