Teeth can be restored through a number of dental procedures, dental crowns being one of them. Although a widely used restoration method, dental crowns cost hundreds of dollars, and it is, therefore, important for you to know whether you really require them or not. So, how can you tell? If you are experiencing any of the conditions mentioned below, know it is about time you got your teeth crowned:

Cracked Tooth

This is a condition where a person breaks the inside of a tooth and therefore experiences sharp pangs of pain whenever chewing a certain way. A dental crown helps remove the pain in most instances by holding the teeth together and redistributing the strain equally throughout the tooth.

Large Filling

When a tooth is fractured or has a cavity that takes up half or more of its width, it immediately needs to be covered with a cap. This is done to avoid any surrounding area, which is usually sensitive and prone to breakage, from coming in contact with something harsh.

Visually Unappealing Teeth

Teeth are prone to discoloration, wear and tear and developing gaps over time. Dental crowns are an effective way to cover the unpleasant appearance of the teeth and also look natural.

Missing Teeth

In case of missing teeth, dental crowns can be placed on implants to reinstate any spaces left behind from the missing teeth.

Intense Teeth Wear And Tear

A person with a habit of teeth grinding will soon experience shrinkage in their teeth’s length. Also, in case of a really acidic diet or unbalanced acid reflux in the body, the teeth will become soft and fragile, and lose their bite. To restore this problem, covering the teeth becomes necessary through dental crowns.

These are some of the situations in which you should opt for dental crowns over other remedies.