Braces are one of the best ways to correct overbites, crooked teeth, and other various orthodontic problems. However, they can be quite unsightly and painful, not to mention quite costly. If for one reason or another you are wondering about how to prevent your child from getting braces, then read on:


Prevent the Need for Your Child to Get Braces - Best Dentist | Norwood Dental, MN

If your child is a frequent mouth breather, this can result in the misalignment of his or her teeth that will eventually require braces for correction. Various factors may contribute to your child breathing from the mouth, including asthma and enlarged tonsils. Be quick in making an appointment with the pediatrician to get these problems fixed quickly.


Again, thumb or finger sucking can misalign the teeth that will at some point require braces. Carefully observe what triggers thumb sucking in your child. If it is stress, a hug or soothing words will do. If, however, the action is thoughtless, gentle reminders and positive reinforcement steps like a trip to the park or a toy will work great for warding off this habit.


For whatever reason, getting your child to wear braces may be a difficult option for you. In this instance, you can look for the following alternatives.

  • Retainers:

A retainer is a device used for fixing crooked teeth and is removable. They are quite an inexpensive option, and depending on your child’s teeth structure can be a great alternative to braces.

Prevent the Need for Your Child to Get Braces - Best Dentistry | Norwood Dental, MN

  • Aligners:

Aligners are removable and clear braces that are effective at correcting structural issues and slight crookedness. They have to be worn at certain intervals and are great for fixing gaps in teeth.

  • Veneers:

These are porcelain caps crowned on your teeth to correct chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration.

So, take the necessary steps to keep your child from needing braces down the line.