Parents need to understand the three different stages of dentistry for children. They need to instill the importance of developing a good oral hygiene habit in their children from a young age. In the beginning, parents will look after the baby’s oral hygiene, especially when they receive their first tooth.

Three critical stages of dentistry for children

Search for a “dentist near me” to find an experienced dentist in Norwood Young America to take your child when their first teeth appear. For now, why don’t you take the time to familiarize yourself with the three critical stages of dentistry for children:

First Stage:  Baby

Most parents assume they do not have to take care of their baby’s oral hygiene when their teeth have not been developed. In fact, the reality is that you need to take care of your baby’s oral hygiene as soon as they start eating and drinking. After your baby finishes eating or drinking, take a damp, soft cloth to clean their gums using a circular motion to remove baby food, milk, or formula.

Three critical stages of dentistry for children | Norwood Dental - Family Dentist in MN

When the first tooth appears, you can start using a soft-bristled toothbrush. In fact, there are brushes that you can fit on your finger and clean your baby’s teeth with ease. Once several teeth appear, you can switch to a normal toothbrush, made specially to be used on a baby’s teeth.

Second State:  Preschooler

When your child turns three years old, you need to set an example of following good oral hygiene by teaching them techniques to keep their teeth clean and healthy. You can visit your family dentist, if you have, in the Norwood Young Area, to inspect your child’s teeth and offer you tips you can use at home to ensure your child adopts a good oral hygiene habit.

Three critical stages of dentistry for children | Norwood Dental, MN - Best Family Dentist

However, in the start, you need to brush their teeth, showing them the proper amount of toothpaste to squeeze on the toothbrush to teaching the proper way to clean their teeth using the toothbrush. It is also important to note the type of toothpaste you use.

Use only a kid-friendly toothpaste in the even they swallow it, as at this stage, they are still learning to rinse their mouth with water and spit the toothpaste out. If they ingest the toothpaste accident, it will not harm them.

Third Stage:  Older Children

Once your child starts attending primary school, they should already be well versed in knowing how to brush their teeth properly. When they turn six or seven, they should be able to brush their teeth requiring only little supervision or assistance from mom and dad. When your child turns nine years old, they should not require any supervision from mom and dad while brushing their teeth.

Three critical stages of dentistry for children | Norwood Dental, MN - Family Dentist

If you do not have a family dentist, you should search for a reputable dental clinic to take your child to when they first develop their teeth. If you have recently moved to the Norwood Young America area, consult with one of our dentists. We offer dental implants for adults amongst other dental services.