A dental implant is a very common term today. But, the condition is one – always to choose the professional dentist for your dental implants to avoid any future consequences. The reason behind this is obviously the process which gives you the confidence to smile once again. Besides, this process is safe and can treat any issues related to dental health. Currently, there are basically two ways to perform dental implant placement surgery. The first of which allows you to choose 2 types of the procedure after implant placement. And the second, more sophisticated form allows you to do something more modern.

Traditional dental implant surgery

The traditional form of implant placement is the one in which the patient has to go through a CT scan. The surgery is planned on the computer before performing it in the mouth. So that the professional knows in advance everything good and, bad that can happen at the moment of the surgery. And how to solve the problems evaluated, if they occur. In this case, the patient is anesthetized with normal anesthesia. The same as that used to remove cavities. An incision is made with the scalpel to have a view of the bone area where the implants are to be implanted. Then they are placed and the sutures are made to attach one edge of the gingiva to the other again.

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Immediate Charge surgery process

However, there is another method called Immediate Charge in which you do the implants in the morning. And in the afternoon puts provisional teeth, and goes home with the pretty mouth. Of course, you will have to take some care with the bit. So you do not force the newly placed implants. But not all patients can receive immediate loading. For this procedure to be performed, you need to have the bone in a good amount of height, and width. And this one must have a good quality, also visualized through the tomography.

The guided surgery

The guided surgery is done by placing the planned implants in a computer 3D program. This project is sent to a company that through 3D printers make a precise surgical guide. So that the dentist can place the implants in the exact position. In which they were proposed in the surgery made in the computer without having to make incisions. Since the dental implants are placed only through a small hole in the gum, the surgeon knows the exact position of implants. This allows the teeth to be implanted even before the surgery and placed at the same time.

Brief information regarding dental implants & procedures | Norwood Dental - The best dentist

Duration of surgery

The average time to place a dental implant varies from one hour to one and a half hours. And if the patient is to do more than one, you can add 30 minutes for each additional implant. In patients who will receive multiple dental implants, the surgery can be done in a single session. Or divided into more than one. In cases of extensive treatment, the surgery is performed with sedation with the help of an anesthesiologist.