Tooth decay is treatable by a professional dentist. It is must to understand that ignoring tooth decay until it may become painfull can create severe problems. Sensitivity and pain are the primary symptoms of tooth decay. If you are thinking to avoid an appointment with a dentist near me, it can cost you lots of physical and financial pain in the future.

Visiting a professionally trained dentist can save you from unnecessary pain. He can aware you about the results of ignoring tooth decay treatment and guide for preventive measures. Feed your mind with must to know tooth decay symptoms, treatment, and preventive measures.

How Does Tooth Decay Start?

It starts with the weakening of the tooth’s outer layer, or enamel by bacterial acids formed in the mouth due to poor dental hygiene. A cavity or a hole in the tooth indicates the badly damaged enamel and calls for immediate dentist attention.

How Can It Be Diagnosed?

You or your child may not be able to notice the early signs of tooth decay. To avoid this problem you are advised to pay regular visits to a dentist near you. Now, you must be wondered why it is so important to visit the dentist. It is because the timely detection of carries or tooth decay will make the treatment less expensive and much easier.

  • Cavities can be diagnosed by advanced digital x-ray technology providing high-quality images under the lowest levels of radiation.
  • The American Dental Association (ADA) approved DIAGNOdent is an ultra-modern tool of dentistry. It diagnoses cavities in their early stages, unlike the traditional diagnostic methods. Most of the reputed dentists of Norwood are incorporating this avant-garde tool into practice for best dentistry results.

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Indicators Or Symptoms Of Tooth Decay

Cavities can get worse if not treated timely. So, stay alert and learn to recognize the approaching damages.

  • Toothache or tooth sensitivity
  • Discomfort or pain while biting or eating
  • Pits or cavities/holes in the tooth
  • Black or brown staining on tooth
  • Swelling in the gums near the tooth
  • A bad taste and bad breath in the mouth

Common Tooth Decay Treatments

Some of the commonly practiced tooth decay treatments are:

–First stage:

A filling is the best solution for the initial stage. The cavities are filled with different material like silver, gold but white fillings are most popular as these make the tooth look natural as original.

–Second stage:

Crowning is the life-giving solution to fillings. The damaged part of the tooth is replaced by a crown or cap to protect it for a longer period.

–Third stage:

The root canal is prescribed by dental specialists if the tooth decay has spread to the center or pulp of the tooth.

–Tooth extraction:

When restoration of a natural tooth is not possible in case of badly damaged root, the dentist advises removing the tooth. The missing tooth can be replaced with a bridge or implant at a later stage.

Always choose a dentist convenient to reach and child-friendly offices to ensure the good oral health of your kids. Preventive measures and timely detection can save you from unwanted discomfort and expenses.

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