A stroke here signifies the heart stroke which is the cause of death of an individual in every four minutes in the United States. As the science grows we come across the fact yes, there is a connection between your oral health and heart stroke. A regular visit to the dentist near me can save us from this deadly happening.

To understand the connection between the stroke and oral health we must understand about the stroke.

What happens when the stroke occurs?

Usually, we hear people with problems like high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity are prone to strokes. That is absolutely correct but later science finds that your oral health plays an important role in avoiding strokes as well. Stroke is a condition when the vessel from brain damages or burst or a condition where blood clotting resulting in the stoppage of oxygen reaching the brain.

Cause of the problem:   

The major cause is the gum disease which majorly affects 65 Million Americans – almost half of the American Adult population. But you need not worry about it as Gum diseases are preventable and just require proper attention to oral health. Gum diseases are the reason for strokes in most of the cases which is caused by the overgrowth of the germs in your mouth.

The best way possible to prevent this disease is to maintain good hygiene with proper oral health care and following the recommendation from the dentist. Brushing twice a day, flossing mouth regularly and a visit to the nearest dentist can help you prevent this problem.

Understanding the connection between oral health and the Stroke:      

The oral health is linked with the stroke and the reason behind is Gum diseases. The overgrowth of the bacteria in your mouth (causing gum disease) can affect the bloodstream by causing infection. The bacterial infection from the mouth reaching the blood is the serious condition later can create the threat of stroke in the human body. The inflammation of the blood vessel by the effect of infection can cause the clotting of blood and lead to the condition of stroke.

It is important to understand that your oral health can lead to other problems like diabetes which later also cause the condition of stroke. There is no certain age defined for the stroke. It can happen to every age group. Usually, people above the age of 65 have witnessed cases of stroke in America. It is very important for them to maintain good oral health as the age above 65 tends to forget things easily.

By keeping your oral health intact you are not only going to have disease-free teeth and gum but also you are lowering the chances of other disease happen to you such as stokes, diabetes and high blood pressure.

To avoid such circumstances the dentist near me can help a lot. Regular visit and following the recommendation can help me to avoid disease and can give me a happy & cheerful smile.