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3D Cone Beam CT

How does 3D imaging help out dentists?

Tech That makes dentistry predictable

At Norwood Dental, we understand the power of technology. Our office stays ahead of the curve when it comes to advances in dentistry, allowing our care team to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive care to our patients.

One of the most exciting advancements in dental technology is Planmeca Cone Beam CT. 

This technology uses cone beam computed tomography (also referred to as CBCT) to create 3D models of your teeth, mouth, airways, and face, creating a ‘virtual patient.’ With the Planmeca CBCT, our dental team is able to provide more precise care plans.

What are the Benefits of Planmeca CBCT®?

The Planmeca® CBCT has made it possible to provide precise, highly-personalized, maximally efficient dental care. Some of the most significant benefits of Planmeca® CBCT include:

  • Minimal radiation – Many patients are concerned about exposure to radiation. With Planmeca® CBCT, you are exposed to even less radiation than the traditional panoramic images taken of your mouth. The amount of radiation emitted by the Planmeca® CBCT is minimal, comparable to a day in the sun.
  • 3D Imaging –  Because of its high-tech capabilities, Planmeca® CBCT is perfect for navigating even the most difficult root canals and creating the most comprehensive plan for dental implants.
  • Complete precision in difficult spaces – Did you know that Planmeca® CBCT can even assess your airway space? More precise measurements means more precise treatments.

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