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The Dental Wand®

Do you give a painless injection?

Pain Free with New Dental Tech

For many people, going to the dentist is associated with pain. Recent advancements in technology, however, have made going to the dentist a more pleasant experience, including the process of getting local anesthesia!

At Norwood Dental, we work hard to provide our patients with a comfortable, low-stress experience. This means using the latest in dental technologies to minimize any discomfort. Using The Wand®, we are able to administer dental anesthesia, pain free.

What is The Wand®?

An alternative to traditional needles, The Wand® has revolutionized local anesthetic. With its smaller head and high-tech, computerized pressure control, we are able to provide a safer, more comfortable administration of local anesthesia.

What are the Benefits of The Wand®?

  • Reduced anxiety – One of the biggest benefits for patients receiving local anesthetic via The Wand® is reduced discomfort. No more uncomfortable, painful syringes to deliver your local anesthetic!
  • More comfortable experience – because The Wand® allows for Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA), you won’t experience the uncomfortable numbness of the tongue, gums, or lips that is associated with traditional dental anesthesia. 
  • Less downtime – The Wand® allows you to return to work or your regular daily schedule without the distraction of mouth numbness, difficulty speaking, or drooling.
  • More precision – Because the areas surrounding the anesthetized tooth are left unaffected, your dentist can assess your smile line during your procedure. 

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