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Dentistry For Children

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Whether it’s where they go to school or who their friends are, you are constantly looking out for them. And the same courtesy extends to their general well-being. However, many parents fail to pay attention to one thing – dentistry for children.
Now, hear us out. We’re not implying that you don’t care about your child’s oral health. We’re simply saying that by the time you start focusing on it, it’s slightly late.

When Should You Start Paying Attention To Dentistry for Children?

The ideal answer is as soon as their baby teeth come out. Your child is usually 6-7 months old at this stage. And while a trip to the dentist might seem pointless, it is pretty important.

Many parents bring their children in for their first dental visit once their baby teeth fall out. Since primary teeth are replaced anyway, their specific care is brushed off. However, your child’s baby teeth are as important as their adult ones.

Who Specializes in Dentistry for Children?

A dentist who caters to a child’s dental needs is a pediatric dentist.
Pediatric dentists undergo formal training in dental school and further specialize in the field by attending a few extra years of education. The additional years equips pediatric dentists with all the tools they need to provide oral healthcare to children.
Pediatric dentists oversee kids from infancy till their teenage years.

The Importance of Dentistry for Children

There are many reasons why dentistry for children is important –

Specific Oral Care

A child’s teeth and oral structures differ greatly from an adult’s. Similarly, they also have different dental needs.
While a general dentist is capable of treating your child, their exact requirements are met better by a pediatric dentist.

Paying Attention to the Milk Teeth

As we mentioned above, a child’s baby teeth are often neglected due to their limited shelf life. However, they are just as important as their successors.
Milk teeth play an essential role in developing speech, aside from the primary chewing function. Early loss of milk teeth due to injury or decay causes space and developmental problems with permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentists ensure that your child’s milk teeth are taken care of via preventive and restorative measures.

Eliminating Fear

A child’s early experiences with their dentist set the bar for the relationship they grow up to have with their oral health. Positive interactions between children and their dentist allow them to learn and understand the importance of good oral hygiene.
These experiences also build a trustworthy relationship between the two, lowering the child’s dental fears.

Providing Education

Ask any dental expert, and they’ll tell you that good oral hygiene at home and regular dental visits result in positive oral health.
Pediatric dentists guide parents in caring for their child’s teeth when they are too young to care for themselves. For instance, as soon as the first baby tooth pops up, soft finger brushing cleans the young tooth and prevents bacteria from accumulating.

Treatments Available Under Dentistry for Children

Examination, Diagnosis, and Dental X-rays

Examining the hard and soft tissues of the mouth to detect and treat dental problems, if any.
Preventive treatments like fluoride application and dental sealants prevent cavities. These are helpful in kids who are prone to developing cavities or if tooth decay runs in the family.
Corrective treatments of misaligned teeth through braces and other dental appliances. Pediatric dentists are experts at detecting potential alignment problems in a child’s transition from baby to adult teeth.
Proper and timely intervention prevents the need for extensive treatment when the child grows up.
Since children are prone to cavities, pediatric dentists offer different restorative options—for example, fillings, tooth extractions, root canal treatments, etc.
Pediatric dentists also provide care for injuries to soft and hard tissues of a child’s mouth.
Nutritional and behavioral counseling is important in a pediatric dentist’s work. This includes treatment for breaking oral habits such as thumb-sucking, mouth breathing, tongue-thrusting, etc., as these lead to future dental problems.

Dentistry For Children at Norwood Dental, MN

At Norwood Dental, we have a team of compassionate and skilled dental professionals who embody their passion for dentistry. We understand that kids require extra effort to make them feel comfortable, and our entire team is up for the challenge!
Each member has extensive training and is up-to-date with all advancements in dentistry. We are committed to high-quality dental care and a comfortable patient experience.
And it’s alright if your child has had less than positive experiences at a dental office. We’re here to change that for good! Simply schedule a consultation with us by dialing (952) 467-3518. You can also email us at