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When you are in a situation where you’ve had to switch dental practitioners, you’ve probably heard of the term “family dentist”. But what is a family dentist anyway? And how are they any different from a general dentist? 

Family Dentist – What is it?

A family dentist is an oral health care expert that specializes in providing oral care to people of all ages. There is no age limit on a family dentist’s patients. Whether it’s a toddler, a child, a teenager, an adult, or a senior – a family dentist oversees the dental care of everyone.

How Is A Family Dentist Different From A General Dentist?

There isn’t a big difference between a general dentist and a family dentist. Both dental practitioners have the same background education. Both attend undergrad along with dental school. And to practice, both dentists need to be licensed.
The main difference lies in the patients they see. While a general dentist may have an existing age gap for the patients they provide care to, a family dentist does not. The latter is responsible for people of varying ages.
To be able to provide dental services to everyone, a family dentist undergoes extra years of training and experience. They become well-versed with the dental issues of children, adults, and older people.

Are There Benefits To Seeing A Family Dentist?

If your family comprises individuals of varying ages, a family dentist is a perfect fit for you. Listed below are the significant advantages of seeing a family dentist.

A Family Dentist Is Convenient

There is no denying that the most time-consuming aspect of multiple individuals in a family is the constant shuttling from one dental office to another. You spend a lot of extra time and money going around town to receive dental care from different specialists.

With a family dentist, you negate all this hassle. Since family dentistry involves the care of everyone, you can bring your loved ones to a single office. Simply make multiple appointments on your day off and visit the office with everybody requiring dental care.

A Family Dentist Is Great For Kids

Little kids tend to feel a lot of anxiety and fear when they’re visiting the dentist. However, this fear is made lesser when the entire family visits the same dentist together.

Witnessing their parents or siblings sit in the dental chair, talking to the dentist, and allowing them to examine their mouths instills a great deal of confidence in a child. They are able to remain more calm and get their mouth checked out without a lot of hesitation.

Furthermore, since children mimic the actions of their elders, they begin to understand the importance of dental care. This helps them be regular with their dental visits while also practicing good oral hygiene at home.

A family dentist is also great for kids because they are trained to handle kids expertly. They know how to communicate with children and alleviate their anxiety. 

A Family Dentist Is Proactive About Preventative Care

When you and your family have been visiting the same family dentist for years, the expert is completely aware of your family dental histories. All of the past dental issues, allergies, sensitivities, and treatments that worked helps the dentist in determining what therapy is best suited for you.

Similarly, your family dentist can be on the lookout for any signs of potential genetic dental issues. For example, if the parents have had orthodontic issues, chances are the child will also have the issues.

Other cases where family dental history is significant is oral cancer. Cancer markers might show up in kids of parents who have been diagnosed with the disease.

A Family Dentist Offers Various Services

Since a family dentist offers their services to patients of all ages, they also have a variety of treatments available at their offices. Some of the treatments a family dentist provides are –

  • Preventive treatments against cavities like fluoride and sealant application, especially in children.
  • Preventive care for gum disease. This condition is pretty common in adults.
  • Regular checkups and professional cleaning every six months.
  • Examining for cavities and performing fillings, including root canal treatment.
  • Orthodontic intervention in children to prevent misalignment of teeth.
  • Restorative treatments in anyone who has experienced tooth loss.


You can find many other dental services at your local family dentist’s office.

A Family Dentist Can Provide Emergency Treatment

There’s no doubting the fact that children are prone to accidents. And some of these accidents can result in injuries to the mouth and teeth. There could be lacerations, broken or chipped teeth, or knocked-out teeth.

A family dentist is a fantastic option for emergency treatment since they are already familiar with you and your family. In case of emergency, they know exactly how to deal with the scenario and what mode of treatment to take.

Family Dentist At Norwood Dental

Doctors Dan Ross and Brandon Bussler are the resident dental experts at Norwood Dental. With decades of experience, both our dentists are extremely qualified to tackle any situation thrown their way.

Whether it’s kids, teenagers, adults, or seniors, our dental practitioners are well-versed in the art of providing quality dental care without compromising on patient comfort.

And yes, they provide emergency care too! 

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