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Anesthetic Reversal

Can you make the numb sensation go away faster?

No more Lip Biting

Even for patients who don’t experience dental anxiety, getting a dental procedure can mean annoying interruptions to your daily life. Those who receive numbing agents prior to their procedure oftentimes have to take the day off from work  or their regular routines so that they do not have to tend to their responsibilities while still experiencing the side effects of the anesthetic

With OraVerse, the need for downtown is drastically reduced!

Why use Oraverse®?

A reversal agent for local anesthesia, OraVerse® helps get you back to your normal routine at record speed.

Some of the benefits of using OraVerse®


  • Prevents lip biting – After receiving anesthetic, it is common for patients to accidentally bite their tongue or lips. OraVerse® helps prevent these injuries.
  • Reduces drooling: It is natural to experience drooling post-anesthetic. When using an anesthesia reversal agent, drooling and other uncomfortable sensations are alleviated more quickly.
  • Helps return sensations to normal: No more waiting hours for your anesthetic to wear off so you can speak properly again. OraVerse® reduces the feeling of post-procedure numbness by half the time, which means returning to your daily routine much faster than just ‘waiting it out.’

With today’s go-go-go society, you can’t waste the day waiting for your local anesthetic to wear off. With OraVerse®, you’re back to feeling like yourself in no time.


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At Norwood Dental, we aim to make your dental experience a comfortable experience from start to finish. This means using  the latest in dental technology (like OraVerse®!) to provide comprehensive care.

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