Toothache Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Risks

Toothache-Causes_-Symptoms_-Prevention Risks woman suffering from tootha

Toothache can be an excruciating experience, both physically and emotionally. However, you’re not alone in this struggle, as millions worldwide suffer from this common dental issue. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you better understand Toothache Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Risks. By exploring the symptoms, causes, and preventive measures of toothache, you […]

Your Infant is Teething: Know the Signs To Watch For

Maybe your baby is drooling and seems more fussy than usual – it could be a sign that your infant is teething. Of course, your little one doesn’t know what’s happening and may feel uncomfortable with an itchy chin or a sore mouth.   Predicting when your baby’s first tooth will make its grand appearance […]

Common Myths About Root Canal- Debunked

It is one of those lazy summer days the sun is shining through the windows of your house, and you think, what would make this even better? The image of an ice-cold orange lolly floats into your head as you doze in front of the window, basking in the sunlight. You walk to your freezer, […]

What is the Cheapest Way to Replace a Missing Tooth?

What is the Cheapest Way to Replace a Missing Tooth?

People with missing teeth usually have the query related to “What is the Cheapest Way to Replace a Missing Tooth?” Because most adults have a missing tooth at any time. Both can be equally uncomfortable or painful if you miss a front or side tooth.  When looking for a dentist for our missing tooth treatment, […]

How much does a dental crown cost?

How to Estimate Your Dental Crown Cost?

When your dentist suggests you get a dental crown to fix a damaged or decayed tooth, the first question that comes to your mind is, “How much does a dental crown cost? Dental crowns are set on top of your teeth when they become severely damaged due to an injury or extensive decay. Dental crowns […]

How to Remove Nicotine Stains from Teeth?

How to Remove Nicotine Stains from Teeth?

How to remove nicotine stains from teeth” is one of the most commonly-asked questions right now as smoking and chewing tobacco have become ingrained habits for many.  Smoking is not just bad for your body but also affects your oral health. Smokers tend to have yellow teeth because nicotine erodes the enamel and also leaves […]

Does Green Tea Stain Your Teeth?

Does Green Tea Stain Your Teeth

Does green tea stain your teeth? Everybody knows that coffee can stain teeth, but what about green tea? Green tea, in reality, discolors our teeth and may even cause stains worse than coffee because of its higher tannin content. Green tea provides a lot of health benefits, but it can also stain our teeth. However, […]

What is Preventive dentistry?

What are Common Preventive Dentistry Services

Preventive dentistry is dental care that helps you maintain good oral health. It is a combination of regular dental check-ups and inculcating good habits such as brushing or flossing twice daily to take good care of your teeth. It’s essential to develop good oral care practices during childhood and extend them throughout your life. Keep […]

Same Day Crowns – Pros And Cons

Same Day Crowns

Same-day crowns, also known as CEREC crowns, can be used just like conventional dental crowns. These crowns are identical to traditional ones but are made in under two hours. In contrast, conventional dental crowns take about two weeks to be created offsite in a dental laboratory. Please keep reading to know more about same-day crowns […]

What is a Root Canal?

What is a root canal | Norwood Dental

Have you ever wondered what is a root canal and why people always talk about it being so painful? A Root Canal treatment helps prevent reinfection of the tooth, eliminates bacteria from the infected Root Canal, and helps save the natural tooth. The inflamed or infected pulp is removed. Afterward, the tooth is carefully cleaned, […]