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How much does a dental crown cost?

How to Estimate Your Dental Crown Cost?

When your dentist suggests you get a dental crown to fix a damaged or decayed tooth, the first question that comes to your mind is, “How much does a dental crown cost? Dental crowns are set on top of your teeth when they become severely damaged due to an injury or extensive decay. Dental crowns […]

Same Day Crowns – Pros And Cons

Same Day Crowns

Same-day crowns, also known as CEREC crowns, can be used just like conventional dental crowns. These crowns are identical to traditional ones but are made in under two hours. In contrast, conventional dental crowns take about two weeks to be created offsite in a dental laboratory. Please keep reading to know more about same-day crowns […]

Learn About the Types of Dental Crowns, Their Cost, and Durability

Girl with Dental Crowns

When a tooth’s surface fractures,breaks, or chips, an artificial dental crown is fixed on top to prevent further damage. Hence, Dental crowns are tooth-colored metal cap covered with enamel that fits over a damaged tooth to restore its natural shape, function, and look. Please keep reading to learn about different types of dental crowns, their […]