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It is one of those lazy summer days the sun is shining through the windows of your house, and you think, what would make this even better? The image of an ice-cold orange lolly floats into your head as you doze in front of the window, basking in the sunlight. You walk to your freezer, grab an orange lolly and take a calm, soothing bite from it. But wait a minute. 

What’s that throbbing pain at the back of your mouth? Uh-oh! Could it be? Do you need to get a root canal? 

The thought of going to your dentist and getting a root canal done fills you with terror. All the horror stories you have heard from people you know about their root canal experiences start swirling in your head.

This is where we come in! We are here to bust the common myths about root canals. As you read on, you will realize that the procedure might not be as terrifying as you think! 

What is a Root Canal?
Root Canal

A root canal is a straightforward procedure that helps in removing any form of bacterial infection in your tooth in order to prevent it from completely rotting.

Due to a lack of care, sometimes the pulp in your tooth can get inflamed due to an infection. The throbbing pain that you feel when using that tooth is a result of that same infection. When you go to your dentist for treatment, they remove the infected pulp from within the tooth and fill the empty space with a temporary filling, which can, later on, be replaced with a permanent, biocompatible version after two weeks of performing the procedure. 

When Do You Need a Root Canal? 

An inflamed tooth makes its presence known, one way or another, that’s for sure. Apart from that, there are several other ways through which you can get an idea of whether you need a root canal or not.

One of the most common symptoms is experiencing constant pain deep inside your tooth in a way that makes your jaw ache. You might not feel it as much while you are not eating, but it tends to flare when you use the tooth to chew things. 

Another familiar symptom is your reduced capacity to react to cold or hot foods and beverages. The inflamed pulp starts to induce a pulsing pain, leaving a dull ache behind. Some other symptoms could include swollen gums, a cracked tooth, or the tooth becoming a grayish tone in color.

Visiting your dentist is always the best course of action if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms. But before that, we believe it’s important to debunk all common myths about a root canal procedure so that you are able to visit Norwood Dental for the same with a light heart. 

Busting Common Myths about a Root Canal 

Helping you overcome your fear of a root canal by debunking a few common myths might help motivate you to get the procedure. It will help you eliminate the issues and move closer to a pain-free life.

Myth: It is easier to extract a tooth than to get a root canal procedure. 

Fact: We at Norwood Dental always advise our patients to opt for a root canal. It is because the pain and cost of getting an entire tooth removed are simply not worth it if the option of having a root canal is still viable. 

Myth: It is a lengthy procedure that requires plenty of time. 

Fact: If a patient has any concerns about the length of the procedure and the time, a proper treatment plan can be devised to suit the patient’s timings. A root canal procedure is usually performed in one sitting, after which there is a follow-up appointment to ensure that the tooth is healing nicely and quickly. 

Myth: It is a painful procedure. 

Fact: This is usually one of the most common reasons for a person to avoid going through a root canal. In reality, getting a root canal is less painful than suffering from the pain of an infected tooth.

With the advent and subsequent development of technology in the field of medicine and treatment, patients no longer need to worry about going through painful procedures to cure an infection. Local anesthesia is administered to the patient, which desensitizes the entire affected area. It ensures that the patient does not feel any pain while the procedure is being performed.

Patients are prescribed pain medication after they have gone through their root canal, which gets rid of any residual aches they might feel after they leave the clinic. 

Myth: Getting a root canal is pretty expensive. 

Fact: In the list of common myths about root canals falls the myth that medical treatments tend to be expensive. But if you look at a root canal treatment in particular, avoidance of the procedure can result in permanent tooth decay. It can result in a long and painful tooth extraction procedure.

Why Choose Norwood Dental for a Root Canal? 

When it comes to a root canal, Norwood Dental is the answer to your problems. Our priority is to offer proper care in a comforting environment to ensure that you have a great experience.

Give us a shot to move closer to getting your oral health in a better condition. You can easily find us at 222 E Wilson St, P.O. Box 717, Norwood, MN, 55368-0717. You can also call us at 952-20467-3518 or email us at to book your first visit with us. We look forward to resolving your oral health issues.