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Does green tea stain your teeth? Everybody knows that coffee can stain teeth, but what about green tea? Green tea, in reality, discolors our teeth and may even cause stains worse than coffee because of its higher tannin content.

Green tea provides a lot of health benefits, but it can also stain our teeth. However, there are distinct types of tea, each having its unique staining power, and deeper color teas are more likely to stain the teeth.

You should always take care of your teeth and follow proper oral hygiene to prevent tea stains if you don’t want to quit drinking green tea.

Read on to learn ‘does green tea stain your teeth?’, which teas are the best and worst for your teeth, and how to prevent teeth stains so that you can maintain your beautiful white smile.

How Green Tea Stain Your Teeth?

Does green tea stain your teeth? It is a general question that mostly comes to people’s minds. The short answer to this question is yes; green tea can lead to teeth stains.

While it is well known that coffee causes teeth stains. Yet many people are surprised to learn that green tea also does the same.

Green tea contains a plant compound called tannin that significantly increases its staining power. Therefore, green tea carries the potential to stain teeth; however, proper oral health care can help prevent this from happening.

How Can Green Tea Lead to Staining?

One cup of green tea a day is enough to cause some staining if done habitually over a long period. Many people have been drinking green tea for years and already have some level of teeth staining.

Girl Drinking Tea

Note that the greener tea you drink, the more staining you will potentially have on your teeth and gums. How much staining you get depends on how well you take care of your oral hygiene and the strength of the green tea you consume.

Other Teas That Can Stain Your Teeth

Just like green tea, black and fruit teas can also harm your teeth’s color and condition. Teeth enamel is naturally porous and may absorb tannins from your tea, resulting in an unsightly brown discoloration.

  • Peppermint Tea

This tea has an energizing taste making it a popular option, particularly during the winter. It provides an inviting and warm sensation. Peppermint tea, surprisingly, is a great choice for you as it is unlikely to stain teeth and may only cause minor stains when people drink it in large quantities.

Does Peppermint Tea Stain Your teeth

Peppermint tea is significantly less likely to make visible stains than coffee, black tea, or red wine.

  • Black Tea

Black tea is highly beneficial for our health as it contains antioxidant characteristics that may help decrease blood pressure, improve heart health, and lower blood sugar levels.

black tea

However, black tea is known to stain teeth more than other types of tea because of its high tannin content. Our teeth naturally stain and discolor over time, but black tea can accelerate staining significantly more quickly.

The oxidation stage distinguishes it from green and white teas in terms of taste and appearance and gives black tea its characteristic color and flavor.

  • Herbal Tea

What kind of herbal tea you consume mostly determines the ability of herbal tea to stain the teeth. Usually, herbal teas do not discolor teeth because most of them are “tisanes” rather than real tea varieties. However, the higher its brew strength and the tisane’s acid and tannin content, the more likely it is to stain teeth.

  • White Tea

Despite their incredible health benefits, black and green teas are known for leaving stains on the teeth. White tea is a fantastic alternative for lovers who want to experience the same taste without teeth staining.

White tea is lighter in color and does not contain any compounds that produce teeth stains. Don’t assume that it lacks flavor because it’s light in color. White tea is extracted from the same plant as green and black tea.

How to Prevent Green Tea Stains on Your Teeth

  • First things first, rinse your mouth immediately after a cup of green tea – This will to a large extent, rinse off the majority of acidic elements accumulated around the teeth. In general, it is also a piece of great advice to follow for any acidic drink.
  • After drinking green tea, brush your teeth – You can easily brush your teeth after a cup of green tea if you’re in the comfort of your home. It will help if you use a dedicated teeth-whitening toothpaste. As it can help maintain a whiter smile or even a teeth-whitening kit that’s vegan friendly.
  • Floss daily, as most dentists advise – Flossing daily doesn’t only keep gums strong and healthy but will also help prevent teeth staining and discoloration from green tea.
  • Go for professional teeth whitening treatment – If you are a regular green tea drinker and staining is becoming a problem, you can go for professional teeth whitening treatment. This way, you can get rid of the teeth stains that come with regular green tea consumption.

Looking to Get Rid of Green Tea Stains on Your Teeth?

To maintain good oral health, you do not have to give up green tea entirely. But taking the necessary steps to prevent teeth staining is essential. If you suffer from teeth staining caused by green tea and want to learn more about professional teeth whitening services to achieve a better, brighter, and more beautiful smile. Then contact Norwood Dental and schedule an appointment with us today.

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